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Hues of Promise

Born on a Tuesday

Skin the color of Turmeric and Cinnamon

Fierce hues of promise


Savory like foods

from Mama's pepper pot

Sure Nuff!

As she grows, she is told to brace for the storms her life will hold....

In the meantime, ......

Indulging on the sweetness of Innocence

Juju beans and ice cream cones

Shaved ice from the corner store.

Fast Forward yet Time Travelled

only to bring back the pain rooted in a time

so far but not far away at all.

She with a hue so beautiful finds herself immobilized

Shackled by the spirits that seek dominion over her story.

Generational darkness

Demonic host staking claims to eradicate her future glory.

Purposed legions of invisible defense

Angels, Ancestors come to her rescue and carry her on their wings to safety.

Ministering and Equipping her with

the succors of strength

the elixirs of hope

the food of fortitude

the refreshing waters of resilience

the ground for grit

the anointing of abundance

the light of liberation

and a compass that leads to a destination set by the Divine

Yes, greatness lies within her

like still seeds in fertile low country soil

ready for the first rain to explode. Inspired by a trip to the AAHM-the African American History Museum. It is truly a museum that everyone should make a priority to visit.

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