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Who We Are

One Sharpens Another Coaching and Consulting is unique in its full-service approach to educational empowerment and leadership.


The difference between One Sharpens Another and other firms is that we work with school leaders personally and intentionally.  We give the school leadership, not just the "what" they need to do to improve, but we give them the "how" with personalized support.

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Our Academic Coaching services offer a  holistic approach to academic support/tutoring.  We believe that once you change the heart and mind of a student you then can change their academic outcomes. Our individualized and group sessions give students strategies that help them with both academic support and test preparation.  We work to shift the mindset of students and build on their past success to ensure their future success.

For Students

Academic Coaching

Support Group

We offer parent coaching that we individualize to meet the unique needs of each of our families.  We support families in secondary school and the college admission process and in a multitude of other ways to ensure student success.  We support families in the special education process and attend IEP meetings in the role of a Family Support Coach.  We also help families create structured intervention plans to support students holistically-mind, body and spirit.

For Parents

Parent Coaching

Collaborating at Work

We offer Certified Life Coaches to help bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.  We help our clients become unstuck and move them into their destiny.  We also offer leadership coaching for individuals within an organization (or privately) to support our clients with strategic planning, goal setting and accountability.

For Individuals

Leadership Coaching

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Our team of consultants has a proven track record of transformational leadership. We effectively collaborate with our clients in the following domains:


  • Building leadership capacity

  • Transforming school culture

  • Increasing student achievement

  • Building a collaborative community

For Schools & Districts


Meet Our Team...

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Nicole Peltier-Lewis

Chief Executive Officer

Nicole Peltier-Lewis is an urban educator who has served in every capacity in schools from teacher, school administrator, professional development facilitator, principal, professor and school leadership coach and consultant. Nicole has almost 20 years of experience and appreciates the challenges that exist in shifting schools from "Ordinary to Awesome." She is delighted to share her experience with other educators who are passionate about students reaching their fullest potential.


LaToya Downing-Peltier


LaToya Downing-Peltier is the Associate Director of an After-School Program at a leading Pre-K through 8 independent school in the Boston area. She is committed to empowering students' education through hands-on, skill building, fun, after-school activities. She has worked in education for over 25 years in many different capacities and currently directs a summer program Leysin, Switzerland. She recently studied Molecular Gastronomy in San Sebastian, Spain and teaches science and math skills through baking.

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Lakisha Covert


Lakisha Covert is an author and Certified Life Coach specializing in personal growth. She is also an award-winning educator with over 20 years of experience working with people. She is the Founder and CEO of The Christmas Experience, Inc., a nonprofit that serves needy children. Her nonprofit's website is Lakisha is a wife, a busy mom of 4 children. Her passion is being an I.T. (Inspire and Transform) Specialist, helping people realize and reach their destiny.


Evelyn Larose


Evelyn Larose is a well rounded educator and curriculum designer, with experience in public charter and private international school systems. She has a BS Biology from SUNY Empire and a M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction: Leadership from Liberty University. Her commitment to educational equity drew her to join the 2016 Teach for America corp and a passion for STEM led her to being a 2018/2019 GIFT fellow. She's taught Chemistry/Forensic Science in Atlanta, along with 6-8 grade middle school sciences, in Haiti. Larose currently serves as a Science Instructional coach in Boston Public Schools. In her free time, Ms. Larose loves to read, crochet, and engage in creative writing.


Kito Lewis


Kito Lewis has been an educator and behavior expert for 15+ years. His career has spanned from working in correctional facilities for adjudicated youth to serving as a Middle School Science Department Chair in an urban charter school in Washington, DC. Through his experience, he has been trained in all areas of behavior management and has used these strategies to turn around schools for At-Risk students K-12 including serving as a Dean of Students for an alternative high school and a consultant to other schools and districts.  He founded One Sharpens Another Coaching and Consulting, LLC to serve as a full-service educational agency committed to transforming the lives of students, schools, and communities, and the instructional practices of educators.


Alicia Wedderburn


Alicia Wedderburn has been a Science educator 6-12 for almost 20 years in urban and suburban settings. In the Boston public school system and neighboring districts, she has helped to rethink science education, especially as it pertains to girls and minority groups. Alicia is a teacher, mentor, and coach and has facilitated professional development on the integration of science throughout the curriculum and engaging minority students in STEM. Alicia's activism on behalf of marginalized groups is a life-long passion and drivers her instructional and mentoring practices.


Leo A. Peltier


Leo A. Peltier is an experienced educator, coach, administrator with a demonstrated history of working in the primary/secondary education industry. Skilled in Educational Technology, Public Speaking, Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, and EMS Education. Strong media and communication professional with a  Bachelor's Degree focused in Health and Physical Education from Bridgewater State University, and a Master of Education in International Education with a concentration in Educational Technology from Endicott College. Leo specializes in school culture, technology integration, gender-specific education, value-based educational practices, and international education.

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Ariel B. Lane


Ariel has previously worked in Atlanta Public Schools as a science educator and department chair assisting students and teachers with improving their knowledge in state science standards, NGSS, advanced placement and international baccalaureate science
courses. She has been awarded Teacher of the Year as well as the NSTA Lockheed Martin New Science Teacher Fellowship and the Georgia Intern Fellowship for Teachers at Georgia Institute of Technology. More recently she has worked as a science curriculum writer, developing student lessons that incorporate formative and summative assessment items and teacher lesson guides aligned to NGSS, Bloom’s Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge. She has experience creating phenomenon-based life science and engineering design stimuli and technology enhanced items aligned to NGSS multi-dimensional
standards for grades 6-12. She also has designed NGSS aligned assessment questions with specific Lexile Reading levels for e-learning companies. Her experience and expertise as an educator and curriculum writer has been enveloped into her company, STEMAssist LLC, supporting high school students in improving their trajectory as college STEM majors.

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