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We believe in the power of positive connections and the use of research-based practices to catapult organizations and individuals into uncommon success.


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Our Impact Makes a Difference

"One Sharpens Another Consulting offers practical wisdom and concrete strategies for school transformation, as educational leaders their experience of teaching and leading in schools addresses the challenges of contemporary education. One Sharpens Another provides tools on how to transform a school, how to make an innovative curriculum which applies to real-world problems, and how to engage students throughout the entire process, making them active agents in their own learning. One Sharpens Another is not a “one and done” workshop. One Sharpens Another teaches the research and evidence-based strategies that work across all Educational Leadership areas and with all ability levels. They then provide the much needed, but often neglected, on-going support and instructional coaching for new administrators and provides collaboration and successful implementation of the strategies. Their expertise and guidance have made a colossal difference in the instructional culture of our school."

Elma Brown, Superintendent of School St. Stephen's Indian School-Wyoming

"I highly recommend One Sharpens Another as an educational consultant. They have been instrumental in developing, implementing, and evaluating our school improvement plan in alignment with our AdvanceEd accreditation goals. They demonstrated a high level of professionalism across all domains whether they are in the classroom, providing professional development, or contributing to an advisory meeting. One Sharpens Another will be an asset to any organization due to her high level of professional knowledge including best practices, research-based strategies, and data-driven decision-making. They have served as an invaluable resource to me particularly, as I developed my skills as an administrator, and we have been fortunate to have One Sharpens Another as a resource to St. Mary's."

Lisa L. Yankanich, Assistant Principal

"I would highly recommend One Sharpens Another Coaching and Consulting. My family's academic coach is outstanding. She uses educational techniques that are specific to your child's learning in order to help them to grasp the material and succeed on exams. OSA worked with my older son in preparation for a high school placement test.  My older son always had good grades, however, he was not a good standardized test taker.  They developed a test strategy for my son, to include how to study for a test, stressing completing practice questions and looking at different tutorial websites, that really assisted my son with learning how to take the test. My son scored very high on the exam and was accepted into multiple schools. An OSA coach also works with my younger son and I am inspired to see him using the study techniques OSA provides him and him learning the material and being successful on exams."

Mrs. C.

"Leo is a self-motivating and dedicated individual that has an extremely likable personality. I have found Leo to always be honest, sincere, and creative in his work. He is the exact kind of person you would want on your team."

Paul Thomas



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